ШУ 100х80 РТ

Manufacturing of the universal screws

  • The possibility to install both tangential BSR246 cutters and radial BFR11 cutters of special design for the same screw when changing mining-and-geological conditions.

  • Reducing the time to switch to tangential or radial cutters without having to replace the screw.

  • Reducing the cost of manufacturing the second dcrew specifically for certain mining-and-geological conditions that require the use of radial or tangential cutters.

  • Reducing the cost of working time to replace screws associated with changes in mining-and-geological conditions.

  • Ability to adjust the required coal sizing if necessary due to replacing one type of cutter with another type.

This screw makes it possible to install tangential and/or radial cutters on the same operating member, depending on the mining-and-geological conditions and parameters of the rock mass being destroyed, in order to improve operational efficiency of the operating member and increase the service life of the cutters and the screw as a whole.

    When producing the BHR250 cutter holder is applied with the following cutters:
  • - the BSR246 cutter is used for heavy-duty mining-and-geological conditions;
  • - the BFR 11 radial cutter for coal working.